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Offre de Thèse IFPEN : "Assessment of the stable soil organic carbon by Rock-Eval analysis "

Publié le 22 Juin 2019 par IHSS France

IFPEN has funded a project on  Soil organic matter stabilization. In this context, we are looking for a PhD student to work in collaboration between Paris Sorbonne University and IFPEN. The PhD  title is "Assessment of the stable soil organic carbon by Rock-Eval analysis ".  Additional details can be found in the attached file. 

The supervisors will be Katell Quenea and myself from the academic side and Isabelle Kowalewski from IFPEN. The PhD student will be hired by IFPEN 

For information of to submit an application, please contact sylvie.derenne@upmc.fr or isabelle.kowalewski@ifpen.fr.



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