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Call of abstract pour l'ISMOM 2019

Publié le 21 Janvier 2019 par IHSS France

*/8th ISMOM/*(International Symposium on Interactions of Soil Minerals  with Organic Components and Microorganisms), *Seville, Spain 23-28 June 2019*

5^th InterCongress of Commission 2.5, IUSS

*/Understanding Soil Interfacial Reactions for Sustainable Soil Management and Climatic Change/*

Dear colleagues,

This is a reminder of the forthcoming ISMOM, with a few key dates and figures. Please visit the web site for more information.

With my best wishes for 2019 and hoping to see many of you in Spain this summer.

Dr Siobhan Staunton
Chair Commission 2.5-IUSS (Soil chemical, physical and biological 
interfacial interactions)


Chairs */Heike Knicker/* */      Francisco J. González Vila/*

*Important dates*

1^st January –Registration opens

1^st February Abstract submission deadline (2000 Characters)

1^st April End of Early bird registration fees

*Scientific Sessions*

  * */Soil as a C and N sink /*– Who is the major player, soil minerals, soil organic matter quality, microbial activity or their interplay?
  * */New physical, chemical and biological analytical approaches /*–  How can they lead us to a better understanding of soil interfaces?
  * */Ecological disturbances /*– How do mismanagement of soils  (overgrazing, erosion etc.) or natural disasters (fire, flooding     etc.) affect the interplay between soil minerals, SOM and microorganisms?
  * */Dynamics of pollutants at soil interfaces /*– What is new and how     can environmental biotechnology be beneficial for soil restoration
    and bioremediation?
  * */Soil amendments /*(biochar, composts and digestates) – How do they     affect interactions at soil interfaces?
  * */Nutrient availability in soils /*– Can our knowledge on soil  interfaces improve biotechnological approaches or soil management to
    decrease the need for artificial fertilizers?



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